We're the best in sports

Whether it's our signature 3-on-3 tournaments or kids sports leagues, no one matches our quality and competition


We are always accepting and listening to our customer feedback to ensure we deliver the best possible products


Our standards of quality are HIGH in tournament delivery, league coaching, and fan experience


We don't subscribe to the "everyone wins" philosophy, we believe in true competition and sportsmanship in both winning and losing

Big Sky Ballin' is supported by an uncountable number of family, friends, and volunteers. We couldn't possibly list or thank them all - but thank you! We continue to thrive due to the love and support we receive.
William B. Henry

William B. Henry

Swag Director

William brings the cool factor to Big Sky Ballin' and serves as the basketball guru, including coaching in our Youth Leagues

Nik K. Wong

Nik K. Wong

Smooth Operator

Nik ensures the tournament schedules, league rosters, and website links work and serves as the small amount of soccer influence